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Welcome to Challenge Camp @Home

Challenge Camp @Home is a unique program for bright, curious children. Our Virtual Camp is designed in the spirit of our in person program to retain the same feeling and camaraderie of camp even if we cannot be together. The Challenge Camp advantage is that you and your child customize a program of selections based on your child’s interests and your camper follows her / his course selections for an entire session. As many of our courses are project based, you will see your child’s knowledge and interest grow throughout the session.

In our Virtual Camp program, there will be 5 Periods in the camp day. Each period will last 50 minutes, with Screen Breaks intentionally built into the schedule between classes. The camp day will run from 9AM – 3PM, and all of our classes will be LIVE & INTERACTIVE with our dynamic instructors. Students attending for the Full Day will make 5 class selections – however we will also have flexible scheduling options. Your camper could take 2, 3 or 4 classes to enable you to structure your camper’s day in a way that works best for your family.

Everything at Challenge Camp @Home is elective and you will create a schedule based on your camper’s interests. We have over 100 STEM and Arts Enrichment classes, and we also have Active options as we encourage campers to challenge both their minds and bodies. All of our classes are elective ensuring that your camper will be engaged in her / his selections.

Between the hours of 12 – 1pm, we will offer a Virtual Camp Cafeteria where students can socialize and eat lunch together. There will also be a Virtual Recess where campers will be able to play games with friends, participate in Talent Week or Dance parties and numerous other fun camp activities! We also understand if your child chooses not to participate in these activities to take a break.

Please select courses for your child based on their current school year – September 2019 grade level. For those of you that are new to Challenge, here is a guide to understanding our course catalog. We encourage you to print the Course Selection Charts: By CategoryAlphabeticalor Class Index by Grade to serve as a convenient reference to assist in your selection process.

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*Challenge Camp @Home offers the flexibility to mix and match your child’s schedule. For example with the Select 3 option, your camper can take only morning classes – or 2 morning and 1 afternoon. This enables you to customize a schedule that works best for your family.

Please email info@challengecamps.com or call the camp office 914-779-6024 if you have any questions, or need any additional clarifications. We are happy to assist you with the process of selecting a program tailored to your child’s interests.

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