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Hitachi Demonstration

Challenge 2013 campers in our Adventures in the Lab class were given the unique opportunity to experience the Hitachi TM3000 Scanning Electron Microscope. Hitachi recently launched a case study on their website illustrating the benefits of this microscope for STEM Education. Challenge campers featured prominently throughout the videos.

Hitachi Case Study: Making a Big Difference in STEM Education through the Small World of Nanoscience

Here is one of the videos from the series in the case study, where they discuss visiting Challenge Camp, links to the entire series of videos can be found below.

Generating Student Interest In Nanoscience, USA


Hitachi Case Study Videos – Challenge Campers can be seen in all of the videos below, but feature prominently in videos 4, 5 and 6.
Video 1: Hitachi Helps Improve STEM Education in the USA
Video 2: Hitachi Loans TM3000 Microscopes to US Schools
Video 3: Helping US Meet Its Workforce Needs in Science
Video 4: Getting US Students Excited About STEM Subjects
Video 5: Easy-to-Use Microscopes Appeal to US Students
Video 6: Generating Student Interest In Nanoscience, USA
Video 7: High-Tech Microscopes Inspire Students in the USA
Video 8: New Microscopes Improve STEM Education in the USA

To read more about the visit by Hitachi to Challenge Camp, here is a link to the news release at the time of the visit:


A Whole New Way to Look at Those Pesky Summer Mosquitos and Nature – Hitachi and Challenge Camp Team Up to Introduce Campers to Nanotechnology

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