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Parents love Challenge Camp

“I normally don’t write recommendations, but this is a must – My son Jeremy not only had the best time this past summer, but mentally grew in an exceptional capacity that I give credit to CC! The wonderful campers around him as well as superb (and fun) counselors just added to the bliss of a summer! My wife and I sincerely thank you! Totally recommend Challenge Camp! Thank you.”  – Stephen M.

“The kids had a great experience in every way”  – The Bells

“I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with your camp. What was most appreciated is the level of professionalism. Benjamin’s teachers and the quality of the programming were top notch!”  – Denise and Norman B.

Every single day, I would ask my children “How was camp?” Their response was constant…”Great! Fantastic! Awesome! I love it!” Thank you for making that happen. – The Piantinis

“Wanted to let you know that our little group from Larchmont are loving Challenge Camp. Tommy is already working out what he wants to do next year – hilarious. As they move into the program they are really fired up and excited about what they are doing. Great program and happy to recommend to other families!”  Deb

 “Brainy, brawny, frolicking — and they loved it.”   – Sherrie

We have been a Challenge Camp Family for 4 years. Two years ago, and again last year, through an exchange program administered by Challenge Camp, we opened our home and our family to fellow students from Shanghai China. It was an amazing experience for our family. Although the students stayed with us for less than a week, we have made extraordinary bonds with five young men and women. We keep in touch by email and Face Time and look forward to our next reunion with each one. The exchange was such a wonderful addition to our great summers at Challenge Camp…we can’t wait to host again! – Rick and Ann L.

“Thank you very much for taking interest in our son, Alexander. We really appreciate your efforts and those of your camp’s staff to make summer vacation for kids both useful and fun. Those six summers that our son spent with the Challenge Camp are unforgettable and we as a family enjoyed it so much!

With your kind help Alexander was maturing every week of the camp and kept his interest going. Every year, around Christmas time, he started checking the mailbox and later the email box for the news about forthcoming Challenge. It was great time when three of us were sitting together reviewing your brochure and discussing which programs to take. Sometimes, it was a difficult decision to make, as Alex wanted to take almost all of them at the same time, but unfortunately he had a limit. And never we thought that we would skip a session…

Thank you very much again for everything. You camp is truly the best and on many occasions I was envying my son that I am not a kid and cannot join the Challenge instead of him… Best regards” – Alexander V. Sr.

 “Eugene started playing chess when he was 6 years old, but no one in his family had any experience playing. He liked learning the rules but lost most of his games. During his summer vacation, Eugene attended Challenge Camp, and met Mr. Anatoly who taught the students in his class chess strategy and tactics. Eugene played many games with other students during the program, and using the skills and knowledge gained in the chess program at Challenge Camp, Eugene started playing in tournaments.  He now has 5 first places finishes and numerous trophies. Eugene is ranked the 49th rated chess player in the nation for age 8 as of January 2014. We highly recommend Mr. Anatoly’s chess class, his education, passion, and knowledge of chess will benefit all students.”   – Claire

Campers love Challenge Camp

“I came to Challenge Camp because it is fun, exciting and enriching. This is my 6th year and it’s still great!” – Maya, 10

“The food is awesome!” – Joey

“When I think of Challenge Camp the words that come to mind are cool, exciting, joy and last but not least, FUN! – Maxine, 10

Our faculty members love Challenge Camp

Challenge Camp has had a special place in my heart and in the hearts of thousands of campers throughout the many years of its existence.  While summer is a time for play for many youths, it can also be a time of learning and intellectual growth.  As a camper, I learned about many different topics such as robotics, acting and history.  This intellectual pursuit was very inspirational in my decision to become a teacher and challenge young minds.  – Scott Pullman

Challenge is an exciting program that my daughter began in elementary school. She found stimulating & challenging activities.  I joined Challenge Camp years later as an instructor because I believe the programs we offer are unsurpassed.  – Debbi Davis Galliard

My favorite time of the year by far is summers at Challenge camp. The friendships formed with the campers each summer are priceless. The Illusionist classes are a combination of great fun as well as a great learning opportunity. I wish I could convey the enthusiasm of the boys and girls as we cover topics as varied as math, history, spelling, public speaking and performing. It seems odd that these topics can be combined with a magic class but so many of the routines they learn incorporate all these facets and more, and best of all they learn by having fun and doing the magic. I don’ t think they realize how much they are absorbing because they are to busy enjoying themselves. See you this summer. – Joe Fields
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