Projects by campers

Short description: Challenge Cares is a course designed to introduce children to philanthropy. Over the past 8 years Challenge campers have hosted a carnival fundraiser and silent auction and have raised over $24,000 for charities we find near and dear to our hearts. We look forward to continuing this effort this summer!

Short description: Develop your own photographic eye and create your own digital portfolio!

Short description: Our Master Chef Jenna, spices things up in the Challenge kitchen! Campers learn a variety of culinary skills from cutting and chopping to food preparation techniques. Steam, stir fry or bake delicious and nutritious dishes and create menus to form your own cookbook.

Short description: Lights, camera, action! Calling all future Spielbergs! Come join us and learn how to write, direct, shoot and edit your very own short film.

Short description: Initiate the launch codes!

Short description: Learn a modern and fun style of the ancient art of knitting! Campers in our Stitch in Time class learned the intricacies of knitting techniques to create their very own adorable stuffed animals!

Short description: Learning the concepts behind robotics design and programming

Short description: Working on his drumming rudiments