How to Register

Challenge Camp is a unique program for bright, curious children. The Challenge Camp advantage is that you and your child customize a program of selections based on your child’s interests and the students follow their course selections for an entire session. As many of our courses are project based, you will see your child’s knowledge and interest grow throughout the session. Students attending the Morning Workshops select both a 9:00 and a 10:30 offering for their current grade level. Students attending the Afternoon Challenge will select either enrichment options or sports offerings for their age group for the each of the 3 periods. Full day students make selections for all five course periods. Between the hours of 12 – 1pm, full day campers will have a hot lunch provided by Five Star Caterers and an outdoor recess period full of organized games and play. Please select courses for your child based on their September 2018 grade level. New students must provide a letter by a teacher or administrator from the school district in which the child is currently enrolled with the registration form certifying that the child has been identified as gifted, talented and/or an accelerated learner. The charts below for the Morning Workshops and Afternoon Challenge serve as a convenient reference to assist in your selection process. Click here for printer-friendly charts.

Program OptionsNumber of Selections
Morning Workshops2
Afternoon Challenge3
Full Day *5

*Full Day students will be provided with a hot lunch.

If you have any questions or need clarifications, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the camp office, 914-779-6024 or We are happy to assist you with the process of selecting a program tailored to your child’s interests.

Challenge Camp Online Portal

You can now register for Challenge Camp through our Online Portal! Challenge Camp has partnered with as part of our continuous efforts to provide the best possible care to our campers and staff. offers online registration and an electronic health record system for camps. Their system will help us consolidate and integrate camper registration and health information into a centralized and secure location.

Once you sign up for a account, you will be able to register your camper, select a session and upload your camper’s course selection.

You will receive a confirmation email, and the camp office will process your registration and send you an invoice for your selection. You will then receive additional information about how to complete your camper’s health profile and any camp forms. All payments will be made directly to Challenge Camp.

Please click this link to access the CampDoc system and Register for Challenge Camp.

If you have prefer to register for camp via a traditional method – mail / fax / email, we will upload your forms for you after you have set up your CampDoc account. Any required Forms for traditional registration can be found in the section below.

Please refer to the CampDoc FAQ for technical questions regarding the Online Portal. If you have additional questions, please contact the camp office.

Dates and Fees

Click here for complete dates and fees.


In addition to the Registration Form, prior to camp, all campers must complete the Terms & Conditions, Camper Release, Health History & Recommendations, Rx form (if medication must be administered at camp) and Swimming Permission Slip (if enrolled in the Swim Program).

Registration form

Parent letter and Terms and Conditions of Enrollment (must be signed and returned with registration)

Camper Release Authorization

Camper Health History & Healthcare Recommendations

Camper Rx Form

Swimming Permission Slip

Transportation forms

Challenge Camp is pleased to offer a transportation option to families in Westchester County, Manhattan and the Bronx through our provider, Mar-Can Transportation. All buses are air conditioned! Please contact the camp office (914) 779-6024, if you have any questions or need additional information.

New York City bus information

Westchester bus information

Westchester North bus information – for Mount Kisco/Bedford/Chappaqua/Pleasantville area families.

Morning Workshops
Course selection

If you selected Morning Workshops, choose one course for the 9:00 a.m. period and one course for the 10:30 a.m. period. Be sure to select a course that matches your current grade level as of September 2018. Indicate course selections and retain for your records.
  Session 1
6/27 – 7/26
Session 2
7/29 – 8/16
9:00 a.m.10:30 a.m.9:00 a.m.10:30 a.m.
1Woody's Workshop K-12-3
2Booms, Bangs & Fizzes2-3K-1
3Art of Science2-3K-1
4Doodlematic Game MakerK-21-3
6Curious George Goes to CampK-1
7Climate Control2-3K-1
8Fantastic Beasts and How to Make Them1-3
9Math Masters2-3K-1
10The Illusionist1-31-3
11Checkmate 1   All Grades All Grades
12LEGO Tech JuniorK-2K-2
13LEGO Tech2-42-4
14Little Fashionistas1-3
15Edison Robotics2-52-5
16Gizmos & Gadgets2-5
18"The Legend of Mulan"1-44-9
19Platform 9-3/44-62-4
20Photo Finish3-9
21Fun with Photoshop3-9
22Stop Motion Laboratory3-6
23Wall Street3-5
24Junior Entrepreneur3-55-9
27I Want My Mummy1-4
28Urban Design2-9
29Challenge Makerspace3-55-93-55-9
30Escape Room5-93-5
31Spy Kids2-45-9
32Recording in Session with GarageBand5-9
33Rock Star 3-9
34Satellite Radio5-92-4
35Challenge Film Academy6-93-5
36Drone Flight School3-93-9
37Fashion Forward Wearable Tech3-9
38The Illusionist 24-94-9
39Checkmate 2All GradesAll Grades
40Grand Prix5-9
41Sumo Robotics5-9
42Opening Bell5-9
43Chemical Reactions5-93-5
44Lab Luminaries5-93-5
45Blender 3D Simulations4-9
46VR Explorers4-9
47FPV Drone Builder5-95-9
48Minecraft: Challenge Camp Edition3-9
49Fortnite the Next Level5-95-9
50PC Builders Academy4-9
51Indie Game Maker4-9
52Battle Bots5-9
533D Printing the Future3-9
543D Printing Unleashed5-9
55Counselors in Training9-109-109-109-10

Afternoon Challenge
Session 1 Options

Current 2018 School Grade Level is in parentheses
 Period 1Period 2Period 3
SportsSwimming *Basketball (3-6)Basketball (K-2)
Soccer (4-9)Soccer (K-3)Field Sports (2-5)
Tennis (1-4) **Tennis (5-9) **Pickle Ball (2-6)
Field Sports Jr (K-2)Fencing (1-4) *Fencing (4-9) *
DJ Jam (3-9) *Hip-Hop Dance (3-9) *Hip-Hop Dance (K-3) *
YogaNinja Warrior (4-9)Ninja Warrior (1-4)
Taekwondo (3-6)Taekwondo (K-3)Ultimate Frisbee (4-9)
Enrichment3D Puzzles & Mazes (2-6)Rocket University (3-9) *Rocket University 2 (3-9) *
Bloxels World (2-5) *3D Printing the Future (4-9) *
Code Central: HTML Java (4-9)Code Central: Python (4-9)Raspberry Pi (4-9) *
Computer Simulation (3-9)Computer Simulation (3-9)Computer Simulation (3-9)
Dungeons & Dragons (3-9)Let's Go Yu-Gi-OhPokemon TCG *
GleeChess Challenge
K'nexplorationsUgly Little Monsters (2-9)Pop Art Emoji (2-9)
Lego Mindstorms (3-6)Lego WeDo Robotics (1-4)Lego WeDo Robotics (1-4)
Mechanical Marvels (4-7)Mechanical Marvels (5-9)Mechanical Marvels (2-4)
Stage Door (2-9)Butterflies in Flight (K-2)Project Runway (2-9)
This Land is Your Land (K-2)Musique Fantastique (K-2)It's a Small World (K-2)
Turbo Trucks (1-4) *Pinball Wizard (3-9) *Pinball Wizard (3-9) *

** Tennis not recommended for advanced players
* Bloxels Fee: $60
* DJ Jam Fee: $75
* Fencing Fee: $100
* Hip-Hop Fee: $50
* Pinball Fee: $50
* Pokemon Fee: $25
* Printing the Future Fee: $350
* Raspberry Pi Fee: $75
* Rocket University Fee: $85
* Rocket University 2 Fee: $100
* Swimming Fee: $350
* Turbo Trucks Fee: $200

Afternoon Challenge
Session 2 Options

Current 2018 School Grade Level is in parentheses
 Period 1Period 2Period 3
SportsSwimming *Soccer (4-9)Soccer (K-3)
Basketball (3-6)Basketball (K-2)Basketball (5-9)
Field Sports Jr (K-2)Field Sports (2-5)Ultimate Frisbee (4-9)
Tennis (5-9) **Tennis (1-4) **Pickleball (2-6)
Hip-Hop Dance (K-3) *DJ Jam (3-9) *Hip-Hop Dance (3-9) *
YogaNinja Warrior (4-9)Ninja Warrior (1-4)
Tae Kwon Do (3-6)Tae Kwon Do (K-3)Chess Challenge
EnrichmentK'NEXplorationsFencing (4-9) *Fencing (1-4) *
Ugly Little Monsters (2-9)Art on the Move (K-2)Pop Art Desserts (2-9)
Computer Simulation (3-9)Computer Simulation (3-9)Computer Simulation (3-9)
Dungeons & Dragons (3-9)Magic: The GatheringPokemon TCG *
Lego WeDo Robotics (1-4)Lego WeDo Robotics (1-4)Lego Mindstorms (3-6)
Digital Comics (1-4)Digital Comics (1-4)Spanish Fiesta (K-2)
Raspberry Pi (4-9) *Code Central: HTML Java (4-9)Code Central: Python (4-9)
Rocket University (3-9) *Rocket University 2 (3-9) *3D Puzzles & Mazes (3-6)
Stage Door (2-9)Secret Garden (K-3)Marvelous Mosaics (K-3)
Turbo Trucks (1-4) *Arduino Applications (4-9) *Bloxels World (2-5) *
Iron Chef (3-9) *Curious Chef (K-2) *International Chef (3-9) *
Ukulele Makers (2-9) *Guitar Jam (2-9) Drum Circle (2-9)
Spa Science (2-6)Code Central: Tynker (1-4)Code Central: Tynker (1-4)
Graphic Design Studio (3-9) Pinball Wizard (3-9) *Brickfilms Lego Animation (3-9) *

** Tennis not recommended for advanced players
** Cooking not recommended for campers with food allergies or dietary restrictions
* Cooking Fee (per class): $90
* Arduino Fee: $75
* Brickfilms Fee: $25
* Bloxels Fee: $60
* DJ Jam Fee: $75
* Fencing Fee: $75
* Hip-Hop Fee: $50
* Pinball Fee: $50
* Pokemon Fee: $25
* RaspberryPi Fee: $75
* Rocket University Fee: $85
* Rocket University 2 Fee: $100
* Swimming Fee: $275
* Turbo Trucks Fee: $200
* Ukulele Fee: $75